5 Kamasutra Positions to make Love to Inside Hammock Swings & Mayan Hammocks




Good sex involves more than just “doing it”. It requires emotional connection, patience and endurance. And sometimes it involves a hammock, such as the hammock swing or Mayan hammock.

Here are the top-5 Kama Sutra positions used to make love in a hammock:

1) Widely opened:
Using a Mayan hammock, the woman lies on her back with the man on top. She wraps her legs around his waist. This position is best for Mayan hammocks.
Mayan hammocks reduce the risk of a turnover. Other hammocks don’t work because they keep the users in a seated position. Make sure to use only Mayan hammocks.

2) The Deep One:
The woman, still on her back in the Mayan hammock, puts her legs on the man’s shoulders. By using a Mayan hammock, you can make the previous position more challenging.
It shouldn’t be performed in hammock swings. Stick to Mayan hammocks.

the deep one

3) Side-by-side clasping:
Both partners lie on their sides. The man is behind the woman. This works well in both hammock swings and Mayan hammocks. In hammock swings, the knees need to be pulled in. In Mayan hammocks, the legs can be extended.
This is a good cuddle position. It works well in hammock swings and Mayan hammocks, especially Mayan hammocks.

4) Tigress:
Using hammock swings or Mayan hammocks, the man lies on his back with the woman sitting on his lap. Her back is to him. She can sit upright or recline.
This is a compact position that lends itself to either hammock swings or the Mayan hammock, although it works best in hammock swings. The woman can take control and be aggressive or gentle. In hammock swings, the speed can be as slow or as fast as she desires.

the tigress

5) The Lotus:
This can be used in hammock swings or Mayan hammocks, although the Mayan hammock makes it a nice challenge. The woman lies on her back with the man on top of her. She crosses her legs and brings them up to her chest as far as possible. This position allows for greater penetration and more stimulation on the mystical "G" spot,
The Mayan hammock makes this a challenging position because the Mayan hammock is long, creating a wobble-effect. When using the Mayan hammock, go slow.

Sex is more than the combining of genital parts, and hammocks are more than materials suspended between two points. With these 5 Kama Sutra hammock positions, you will learn that very quickly.