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     Welcome to Haiku Hammock Swings. We are here to offer our customers some of  the best quality hammock swings and hammock chairs, designed specifically for your relaxation. If you enjoy feeling lighter than air, then you will love how you feel being cradled by one of our hammock swings. We like to think of our hammock swings as a reminder of how easy it is to just relax. When inside one of our hammock chairs, we are enveloped with that same feeling of comfort and security we may remember from our childhood, being held in our mothers arms. We then know everything is just fine.


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  • Our hammock swings are resistant to the elements.
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At our online store, we offer a vibrant selection of hammocks, hammock chairs, and hammock stands. If your looking for a fashionable way to spruce up a particular part of your house or yard, you can find what your looking for here. If you can't find a place to hang your hammock chair or hammock swing we have a selection of hammock stands that are compatible with any hammock swing we offer. Our Hammock stands can be placed by the pool, on your patio, in a room of your house, or even in your dorm room.  Choose a tasteful wooden hammock stand, or a modern metal one. For those on the go, we even offer portable hammock stands to hang your favorite hammock chairs. 

Please take a moment to browse through our FAQ's and informative pages to help you decide on the right hammock swings, hammock chairs, and hammock stands for your particular needs. We are committed  to our customer service, and want to provide you with all the information you'll need to make and educated decision on your hammock swings purchase. Whether your looking for hammock swings,  hammock chairs, hammock stands, or just looking for some place to hang, we invite you to explore our different categories to find what you need.

As complicated as the world may seem today there is always one thing to look forward to at the end of the day, sitting or lying down in one of the most simplest of inventions, the hammock. Take a nap or read a book, letting all your thoughts breeze on by.  Our hammock swings will leave you in the comfort of your inner most self, with the peace of mind that we all are entitled to.


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