Hammocks Year Round

How a Hammock Can Be a Comfortable Bed Year Round

Sleeping in a hammock swing? For some, using a hammock for a bed makes them think of a boat crew or infrequent holidays at the beach. What you might not know is that a hammock swing can offer a surprisingly comfortable and functional sleeping space year round.

The Comfort Factor

Many people find that sleeping on a flat mattress causes or aggravates back pain, even when they’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on a top end mattress. We all know the comfort involved in a quick nap on a hammock, and the health benefits of this sleeping position extend further than you might realize.

Flat mattresses can cause back pain because of the pressure points that develop during sleep. As you move during sleep, you shift your weight to particular areas of your body, creating pressure points which strain muscles and create tension. A hammock swing, by its very nature, is a zero pressure point sleeping situation. The gentle rocking of a hammock constantly shifts pressure, helping to release built up strain.

Sleep researchers have also discovered that the slight elevation of the head that occurs while sleeping in a hammock can help prevent sleep apnea and snoring by opening sinuses. It also keeps blood from pooling in the head and promotes circulation. Interestingly, the gentle rocking of a hammock has also been shown to help people fall asleep faster; it also promotes brain activity that leads to more restful sleep.  Check out these blogs for more great information on the comfort of hammock swings.         

Purchasing a Quality Hammock Swing

While sleeping in a hammock can promote comfort and health, these benefits only accrue if you select the right type hammock and learn how to sleep in it. For selecting a proper hammock swing, you want to look for one made out of a comfortable material, without a spreader bar. While a spreader bar may help you with your cat nap by the pool, they can lead to flipping. A proper sleeping hammock will not flip, and you’ll be 100% safe sleeping in one that is properly hung. You also want to select a hammock with a smooth and comfortable material. A rope hammock is not a great choice for a sleeping hammock, nor is a net hammock, as this design can lead to pressure points after extended use. For more information on which design is right for you check out Best Design Blogs.

Finally, when hanging a sleeping hammock, know that a loose curve in your hammock is desirable, as this shape will actually allow you to sleep more flat than a hammock swing that is hung tightly. When lying slightly off-center in a loosely hung hammock, your body will generate a nearly flat surface with only a gentle (non “C” shape) curve.

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