Hammock Care

Some hammock tips to prolong the life of your hammock.


hammock tips

How to hand wash your hammocks without spreader bars:

While holding the two hanging points you want to bring them together so the hammock is folded in half. Then you want to have a few pieces of string, or rope handy in order to tie the hammock in three places. Tie the first one just below the hanging points, and the others in the middle, and at the other end of the hammock. This should prevent the strings of the hammock getting tangled up. Then you want to fill a tub or large sink up and add some mild detergent. Place the hammock inside and gently agitate the hammock until you feel like the hammock is clean. Then you want to rinse the hammock with clean water, and then either hang the hammock or spread it out completely in order to dry. Hammock care for the hammock chair,and the hanging chairs is often the same as above, as the in most cases the spreader bar can be easily removed for cleaning.


hammock tips

How to hand wash your hammocks with spreader bars:

A good way to clean your hammocks with spreader bars would be to lay the hammock out flat on any hard, clean surface. Such as a drive way, deck, or patio. Fill up a bucket with water and a mild detergent. Then with a soft bristle brush gently scrub the hammocks on one side until its clean, paying attention to the condition of the strings, and looking for any spots that may be more dirty than others. Then flip the hammocks over and repeat the process. Once your satisfied rinse the hammocks off with clean water, either with a hose, or dunking the hammocks in water and rinsing out. Then you want to hang the hammock up, in direct sunlight preferably, and allow the hammocks to dry completely. These hammocks are naturally spread out so will dry a little easier.


hammock tips

How to machine wash your hammocks without spreader bars:

This process is much like the process for hand washing the hammocks. You want to take both ends of the hammock and put them together, and then tie a string just below the hangings points. You then want to do the same for the opposite end, and also in the middle of the hammocks. For extra protection, place the hammocks inside a pillow case or a sheet and then tie the hammocks inside securely. Make sure that the knot is secure as the washing machine can often shake the knot loose. Again you want to use a mild detergent. Then you can take the hammock out, untie the strings and spread out as much as possible and allow to dry. Preferably hung up outside in the sun. Again, hammock care for the chair hammocks is the same as the spreader bars can be easily removed in most cases.


hammock tips

How to store your hammocks for later use:

If you plan on storing your hammocks after they have been cleaned you want to make sure that they are completely dry before you do so. Storing it wet leaves the possibility of mold, or mildew problems. You would preferably want to store your hammocks inside in a place that is clean, and dry. If you have a bag you would like to store your hammocks in you would fold the hammock like you did before washing it and place it inside. It is best to use a bag that is water proof, but breathable at the same time. You can then hang your hammocks from the hanging points in a dry location making sure to keep it off the ground away from animals or dirt.


hammock tips

How to hang your hammocks for use:

With the Mayan hammock, or a larger hammock with spreader bars one would generally hang the hammocks one to two feet shorter than the actual length of the hammock. You want to choose 2 solid points to hang from, whether it be 2 trees, two sturdy posts, or between 2 buildings and so on. You would then screw heavy duty screw hooks or a proper rope to attach to the hanging points. If you hang your hammocks inside, you want to make sure to fasten the hooks into either the wall or ceiling studs directly.  You generally want the hammocks to have a slight curve to it with the center being 2-3 feet off the ground. The ends of the hammocks are usually hung 5-8 feet high. Depending on where you want to hang your hammock and your own personal preference, you can hang it lower or higher than that.


hammock tips

Some general hammock care tips: 

It's important that whenever you handle your hammock that you hold the ends of your double hammock, or single hammock where the holes to hang them are, in order to avoid tangling. If your hammocks become tangled you want to untangle them as soon as possible to avoid it becoming a larger issue. Also be careful with any sharp objects near the hammock, such as rivets or buttons on clothes, sticks, etc. You want to avoid catching anything on the strings that could possibly damage the string. If a string breaks it is recommended to try to weave the string back in to place, and retie the strings together. And finally, just have fun. Treat your hammocks with respect and they will last for many years. Enjoy yourself, and be happy.