Will my hammock require a stand?

Hammock stands are handy to have as they allow the hammock swing to be moved to different locations easily. Such as from room to room if its a hammock chair, or outside in different locations of your porch or yard. They are probably the easiest way to hang your hammock but they are not a necessity. You can purchase a hanging kit that can easily be attached between trees, or two posts. You can hook your hammock to walls as well. If it's a hammock chair you can hang it from a sturdy beam of a ceiling.  Buy a hammock Stand here.

How long will my hammock last?

Your hammock with proper care will last many years. The main factor causing a hammock to wear is the elements. If your hammock is left outside UV rays and moisture will weather the hammock over time. When not in use it is a good idea to keep your hammock in a dry place away from animals and UV rays. However, the polyester hammock is less susceptible than an ordinary cotton hammock and can withstand the elements to a much larger degree if you choose to leave it outside.

How do I wash my hammock?

Your hammock can be washed depending on the type of hammock you have with mild soap and water. It is not recommend to use any harsh chemicals to clean the hammock. After washed one should always hang out to dry to avoid any chance of mildew. See more info on the steps involved to wash and care for your hammock in our Hammock Care section.

What size hammock do I need?

Depending on the location desired to hang the hammock whether it be for camping or hanging around the house there are many sizes and types of hammock swings to choose from. We have hammocks that range from fitting multiple people comfortably to chair hammocks that are meant for just one.

What is the best way to hang a hammock?

There are many ways to hang a hammock depending on the type you own. Generally "S" Hooks, galvanized chains and lag eye bolts will do the trick. But there are other ways that work just as well. Rock climbing rope provides and excellent option as the rope has an elasticity which allows a little stretch.  If  you would like to hang on 2 trees and would prefer not to screw lag eye bolts into it you can wrap a polypropylene rope around and fasten it accordingly.  Then suspend the hammock with equal length on each side preferably at the same height allowing it to sag a little in the middle, but not touch the ground when occupied.

How would I decide on which hammock to buy?

Hammocks could be considered a synonym of relaxation. Just the thought of gently swinging in one will ease all the tension in your body. But, how should one go about choosing the right one depends on various factors. Depending on what purpose you will use your hammock there are various types of hammocks to suit whatever need it is you have. Would you want one for indoor or outdoor use? How big of a space do you want to occupy? Would you use it for functionality or simply decoration with only moderate use? How much would you like to spend? All these questions can factor in on the choice you make for the kind of hammock you buy.

What are some different types of hammocks?

There are 3 main types of hammocks: the fabric hammock, rope hammock, and string hammock. The rope hammock is probably the most common one you'll see and is probably the most striking of the three. The fabric hammock is considered very comfortable and durable. The string hammock is tightly woven and high capacity style is what most artisans choose.

Can I get a restful nights sleep with my hammock?

If you imagine when you sleep on a mattress you will notice that your body collects in different areas called pressure points. When your sleeping your body is constantly moving relieving different pressure points and creating new ones. When you sleep on a hammock you are eliminating the flat surface, and the pressure points as you are cradled by the hammock to the natural curvature of your sleeping position.

Can my hammock be used for a full time bed?

When you think about how long the hammock has been around, and how the ordinary bed is being upgraded on an ordinary basis, one might think that they were on to something back in the day. Millions of people enjoy the comfort and affordable bedding of a hammock daily.

What is the best hammock for sleeping on?

The key to a good nights rest that a mattress does not provide is the zero gravity affect. The Mayan hammocks with out any spreader bars allows your body to distribute its weight in this way and is an excellent choice.

Can I keep my hammock outside?

The answer would be yes, but depending on the type of hammock you have the hammock may dawn more wear than the other. The cotton hammock hammock will fade and wear over time, but one can always store the hammock inside when not in use. The polyester hammock is made of synthetic fibers and can withstand the elements to a much larger degree.

What style of weave has the highest quality?

The tightest and most comfortable would probably be the triple weave design. You can find double and single weaves hammocks usually for a lesser price, but the triple weave is considered the most durable.

Could hammock chairs be good for a bad back?

Some hammock chairs called ergonomic hammock chairs are actually designed to assist with back and spine comfort.

Will tying my hammock to trees damage them?

It is possible to damage or bruise a tree if precaution is not taken. The goal would be to leave nature as it was when found. The wrong kind of ropes can damage young trees. Trees that are from four to twelve inches in width are ideal. Wide polypropylene straps can be used that will disperse the weight from the hammock and its occupants. This should prevent the tree from bruising.

What if I have no trees to hang my hammock on?

If you have no trees there are still plenty of ways to hang your hammock. You can put posts in the ground securely, ideally 15 feet apart and hang from there. Or if you have one tree you can add one post. There are also many varieties of hammock stands as well ranging from pure functionality to exquisite decor.

Will hammocks promote health and well being?

There are properties to hammocks that do help in regards to this matter. One being the distribution of your body weight that relieves certain pressure points you feel on an ordinary bed. This may cause ones sleeping pattern to be altered negatively, thus adversely affecting ones health. Rest is part of our healing process every day, and hammocks provide a way to get a restful sleep, or just relax.