Hammaka C Style Chair Hammock Stand

Price: $225.00

Sale Price: $199.00

There are many benefits to the hammock chair stand. One being the ability to hang your hammocks almost anywhere. The C style hanging chair stands have a very small foot print, allowing them to be squeezed into the smallest of spaces. They are good for your garden, sunroom, back porch, dorm room, and many other places. The hanging chair stands can be a resolution if you don't have an overhanging tree, or a solid support to hang from. A concern you may have might be whether or not the hammock chair stand will tip very easily. This is not an issue with the C style hanging chair stands. They have a wide stance on the base of the chair hammock stand, and the shape and design is built to resist tipping.

Our hanging chair stands are powder coated in order to provide rust resistance and durability. The finish is a glossy black that will enhance any setting. The hammock chair stand is low maintenance, sturdy, and very durable against the elements.

Product Features:

  • The hammock chair stand features the C style frame providing almost a 360 degree view
  • Powder coated for durability, and rust resistance
  • The hanging chair stands provide a wide stance for extra support
  • The chair hammock stand weighs only 53 lbs
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • $5 Flat rate shipping within U.S.A
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee