Hammaka Nami Hammock Chair With Stand Combo

Price: $399.98

Sale Price: $319.98

All of our hammock chair and stand combo's are less expensive than buying separately.


hammock set

Our most poetic hammaka chair compliments our C style stand ever so graciously in this hammock chair and stand combo. One can just melt inside the Nami Chair with its graceful design, and the 360 degree view you experience with this hammock set. You might even doze off for a second and dream that your napping on a cloud in complete bliss.

The hammock chair and stand combo offers a charming way to show off your new hammock set. They allow you to hang your Nami Chair just about anywhere you like, without the worry of finding a sturdy support above. Sometimes there is a limited amount of options to hang your hammock chair. The hammock set is ideal for those particular situations. The hammock chair and stand together take up very little space, and can be squeezed in the tightest of places if desired.

You can take a load off now. Kick off your shoes, hop in Nami Chair, and just let it all go for a little while. The hammock has evolved over the years but has never lost its graceful way of allowing one to sink to their basement of relaxation.

Hammock Set Features:

  • Includes C style stand, and a Hammaka Nami chair (color of your choice)
  • Items together weigh 80 lbs
  • Stand has wide stance for extra support
  • Stand is made with steel that is powder coated for durability & rust resistance
  • Perfect for indoors or outdoors
  • Will support up to 350 lbs
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee