About Us


  Haiku Hammock Swings is a company that is deeply experienced in the art of relaxation. We realize something as simple as a hammock will allow us to fall deep into the recesses of our minds where we can be at peace, away from all the buzz of the world. Where all your problems, and negative thoughts can melt away. 

  When the word hammock comes to mind we immediately imagine resting or laying down in peaceful surroundings, such as, by a river, ocean, in the woods camping, or even on our back porch reading a book while listening to nature sing all around.

  We are dedicated to making our customers happy by giving you the best service and products as possible, as we have selected only the best quality hammock swings. A goal of ours is to offer a product that will allow you to simply forget about everything that doesn't seem just right, and realize that everything right now is just as it should be.